Body Waxing and Body Scrubs for Body Builders

Services for Physique and Bodybuilding competitors

Bodybuilder Full Body Waxed, Scrubbed and Tanned
Bodybuilder Full Body Waxed, Scrubbed and Tanned

Natural Physique and Body Building Competitions are extremely grueling. Besides all of the extreme exercise and workout, there are the skin conditions.

One of the rules in the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation is worded: “Being the best:  Hair neatly groomed, facial hair groomed, good tan (color) & proper use of oil, ability to smile…”

Tan Color?

Tan Color comes from the sun, a bed or a spray. Spray tans look great, but clog the pores. Spray tanning is the finishing touch after months in the gym and the final step before going on stage.

Real tans are increasing layers of dead skin.

Use Skin Care By Elias’ Full Body Scrub Service to fully cleanse and exfoliate the skin, removing both dead skin cells and any spray tan residue. This lets your skin breathe and returns a natural glow to your skin.

A Full Body Scrub performed before a spray tan will also help to even out the skin tone. Performed after the competition will clean the skin and unclog the pores.

Hairy Bodybuilders?

Not in competitions. Let’s face it. To compete, you need to be smooth, so that the judges can see your muscles and definition. Many guys are hairy. Many will resort to shaving. Shaving may only last a few hours or days before you’re covered in stubble.

Instead of shaving, come to Skin Care by Elias for a Full Body Wax. Waxing will last for weeks instead of days. It’s also softer when it grows in.

Check out this video to see what guys go through.