Men’s Chest Wax

Men’s Chest Wax – Hair Removal


If you’re not into the hairy chest, or if you just want it to look taken care of, we can wax your entire chest and stomach and make you smooth as a baby.

Some guys like to be completely smooth and we can do arms and legs as well.

Skin Care By Elias offers body waxing services for Men. Our Waxing services are much less expensive that laser hair removal, with guaranteed results. You don’t have to wonder if the hair is going to fall out. It’s gone.

Skin Care By Elias does NOT offer assembly line style waxing like some of the chains. We give you the ultimate attention you deserve and make sure the job is done right, and with the least amount of discomfort possible.

See our Men’s Body Waxing page for a full list of Men’s Waxing Hair Removal Services.