Ear and Nose Waxing

Elias does not make appointments for Ear or Nose waxing alone. Please ask about combing these with a Facial Service.

Ear Waxing

Not often thought about, but very often needed. Many men start to grow unsightly hair in their ears. For the lucky ones that only grow one or two, plucking might be fine, however, some people have old growth forests in there. We can wax your ears, which can take several weeks to grow back, rather than trimming them every couple days.

Nose Waxing

See above on Ear Waxing. Same goes for nose hair. Not much is grosser, than hairs peeking out of the nose and waving hello to everyone. Wax your nose and look very well groomed for weeks to come. Waxing will be smoother and won’t need to be redone every couple days like trimming does.