Men’s Back & Shoulder Waxing

No More Stubble – Meet your back again

Have you been shaving, or worse, just letting the hair grow in because it’s too much work?

Get your Back and Shoulders waxed at Skin Care by Elias in Fort Lauderdale.

Ouch. You’re too pokey!

Have you heard that from a loved one? Shaving doesn’t last long and leaves very sharp, prickly stubble. Waxing will last much longer, as it pulls out the hair by the root. New hair takes longer to grow back and comes in softer.

Got hair on your back? Get it gone. Not many like a hairy back. With our Back Waxing service, you can have a smooth back again and feel good about taking your shirt off at the beach or pool.

Got Tattoos?

Show off those tattoos you paid good money for. Remove the hair and let them be seen again?

The Back and Shoulder Wax is our most popular waxing service. Skin Care By Elias does NOT offer assembly line style waxing like some of the chains. We give you the ultimate attention you deserve and make sure the job is done right, and with the least amount of discomfort possible.

Back Facials

Ask about our Back Facials as well, especially if you’ve had a hairy back. A hairy back makes it harder to see, and harder to clean the pores on the back. Get your waxing, and then come back for a Deep Cleansing Back Facial.

We have a Private Skin Care Studio.