Men’s Butt Waxing

Men’s Butt Waxing

Butt Waxing is a Men’s service that clean’s up all the unsightly hair. No more shaving and 5 o’clock butt shadow.

If you also go for the Butt Crack waxing, you’ll be loving life for your new ease of cleanliness. It’s also very hard to shave in the crack. Waxing is the only way to get all the hair.

Having too much hair on your butt and in between your legs can be itchy and bothersome. Waxing will stop the itch. New hair not only takes longer to come in, but also will grow with smooth tips.

Skin Care By Elias recommends to also purchase a bidet sprayer for your toilet. This can be Bidet Handheld Sprayer, or a Bidet attachment under your toilet seat. You no longer having to wipe through a mesh of hair and have the bidet do the cleaning for you. You merely need to wipe to dry. (Links to Amazon)

If a Men’s Brazilian bikini wax is what you are after, we have got you covered. Unofficially known as the Sack and Crack Wax, the Brazilian bikini wax is very popular with our clients who want to show of their new bathing suits. Those Speedos will look hot without little hairs peeping out to say ‘hi’.

Skin Care by Elias has been performing this service for over 8 years. We understand that it’s sometimes an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Elias is extremely professional and will do everything possible to keep clients comfortable.