Men’s Facials in Fort Lauderdale

Facials for Men and Women. For Men?

It’s just as important for men to take care of their skin, but the needs of men’s skin are different. That is why we specialize in Men’s Facialswhich deeply cleanses and nourishes the male skin while allowing for a relaxing moment. This treatment revitalizes skins dehydrated by the effects of weather, shaving and an arid office environment.

For a man sometimes we tend to neglect taking care of our faces. There is a tendency to think “Who cares, I’m a guy.” Men sometimes feel a lack of motivation to bother to really take care of their faces. Sometimes a guy might think “Well, I lift weights. That’s enough.” or “Facial care is for girls.” That could not be any more further from the truth.

Facial Care for men is extremely important.  It is absolutely never a good thing for a guy’s self confidence when I girl cringes when you go to kiss her. That is why it is totally necessary to incorporate some kind of male facial care routine to help keep your skin looking clear and healthy

European Facial

Men's Facial
Men’s Facial

No matter what your skin issue, our esthetics team will customize this wonderful facial treatment to your specific skin care needs. Dry skin… oily skin… or maybe you have combination skin. Your face will be cleansed, pampered and soothed with a custom blend of essential oils.

Signature Deep Cleansing Facial

Our most popular facial, the Skin Care By Elias Signature Facial is designed for all types of skin. This facial is all about a really deep clean. Depending upon your skin type, we use the finest organics to slough off dry, tired skin cells. Combine this with steam and intensive extraction, this treatment is perfect when you need a fresh face start.

Facial Treatments – Age Management Facial

Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? A special treatment for mature or sun damaged skin, specially created for clients concerned with premature aging and the signs of photo-aging and sun damage. We use a mixed fruit acid complex, green tea extract and a double exfoliation to lift and dissolve old cells exposing your true fresh, radiant skin. Give your skin a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate, and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging.

Papaya Enzyme Face Peel

This smooth cream peel contains an exotic cocktail of natural fruit enzymes from African Papaya and Far Eastern Pineapple that helps to gently exfoliate, purify and regenerate tired or sensitive skin. Extracts of Bladderwrack and Sunflower remineralise and condition, whilst Porphyridium and Vitamin E provide anti-oxidant and free-radical protection.

Men's Back Scrub
Men’s Back Scrub

Men’s Grooming Facial

Skin Care By Elias will choose the perfect facial for your particular skin, incorporating exfoliation, hydration and deep pore cleansing. Designed specifically for men to remedy the problems related to daily shaving and excessive environmental exposure.  We complete this treatment with brow, ear and neck grooming. This comprehensive facial treatment will visibly improve the overall condition and appearance of skin by deep cleaning and detoxifying, refining, revitalizing, and restoring.

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