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Manscaping, Bearscaping, Personal Body Grooming

ELIAS DOES NOT DO SHAVING – Only a Barber is legally allowed to shave.

Perfect Manscaping
Perfect Manscaping with chest hair trimmed

Skin Care By Elias can perform complete Body Waxing and Men’s Grooming Services. What we like to call Bearscaping. Many men like their hair, but sometimes it can get out of control. That’s where Skin Care By Elias can help.

Clean and Tidy, Manscaping is the modern term for the removal of body hair by shaving and/or waxing. Some have attributed this trend to the proliferation of pornography and the desire to emulate male porn stars by removing all body hair, particularly pubic hair, and heightening the sexual experience by creating slippery and smooth contact.  Then there is the visual impact that the trimming of hair has for an observer. With pubic hair, for example, the exposed genitals appear larger, and many men and women find it a cleaner and more desirable look for a man. So, is manscaping right for you? Whether you’re just a regular guy or a body builder, or somewhere in between, Skin Care By Elias can help give you the look you want.

Many men like their hair when it’s in the proper places or just want it to look better. We can trim it and wax around the edges for a cleaned up look. This trend has become a central issue in men’s grooming, health and fashion.

What once was the concern of bodybuilders, models and porn stars is now a question every man must consider. To shave or not to shave? To suffer the laughter and ridicule of a woman or the outrageous gasps of teammates in the gym showers? For every man that has shaved his face in the shower there has been a moment when the razor seemed to lure him to take his clean-shaven look further.

There are several good reasons for keeping your manly thatch neatly trimmed.

  • Keeping a neatly trimmed chest, back, shoulders, and more will make you appear cleaner and send the message that you care about grooming.
  • Your body’s musculature and shape are enhanced when the body hair is well groomed.
  • Trimmed body hair will keep you cooler in warm weather. Trust me, summer is not “sweater weather.”

A proper Bearscaping:

  • The back should be smooth, the front may or may not. Nobody likes a hairy back and shoulders, so keep them shaved or waxed smooth. Conversely, if not waxed, the chest should be neatly trimmed, but not shaved or waxed. To determne if the chest needs trimming, do the “finger wrap” test. If you can wrap the hair around your finger, it needs to be trimmed. Elias can do a proper trim, thinning specific areas to highlight musculature in your abs and chest. A slight waxing might be necessary to keep it tidy around the edges.
  • Eyebrows should look natural, but well groomed. Keeping the eyebrows neatly trimmed of stray hairs is a good thing. Walking around looking like you’ve got two caterpillars sleeping on your face is not attractive.  Trim the brows neatly and have your Elias wax around the edges just to remove the strays, to make sure they are perfectly sculpted. And another thing — you should have two eyebrows, not one.
  • Giving “Frank and The Boys” a little haircut now and then is required, too. Shaving this area can be very difficult and is really not necessary — not to mention it can be quite itchy after a day or so. Keep the area around your private parts neatly trimmed to maintain order and give the illusion that there is a larger tree in the forest. If you like to be completely smooth here, we can wax this area as well. Ask for a Butt Waxing or Full Male Brazilan Waxing. Waxing will take care of the hair and it will be several week before it grows back – No Stubbles.
  • Ears and Nose should always be hair free. Have Elias wax your nose and Ears throughly for you and keep a good ear and nose hair trimmer at home for touch-ups between visits.
  • A little light trimming of the hair on the ams, legs, and other places is fine to leave them natural looking. We can also wax your arms and legs completely smooth.

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