Oxygen Facial and Skin Treatment

Oxygen Skin Treatment at Skin Care By Elias

Give your skin a boost with an oxygen facial or skin treatment from Skin Care By Elias. It plumps fine lines, smooths surfaces, and increases collagen production. With immediate results that are perfect before a special event, this treatment will make your skin look and feel young, smooth, and silky. Hyperbaric Oxygen Facials from Skin Care By Elias provide instant results you can see.

What is Oxygen Facial Therapy?

As the name suggests, this technique involves applying oxygen along with serums to revitalize the skin and make it look youthful and radiant. The technique involves the use of a particular facial machine that infuses pure oxygen and instills hydrating anti-ageing serums into the dermal layer of the skin where they are most effective.

Celebrities have popularized the oxygen facial. Many get an Oxygen Facial before big red carpet events or appearances to make their skin glow and look flawless. This treatment makes your skin look more radiant, younger, and firmer. It is the only treatment that delivers specially formulated serums that work deep within the skin using pressurized oxygen to rejuvenate your skin.

Many spas have some form of ‘oxygen’ facial. Some even offer double or triple oxygen facials. But the question to ask is ‘how’ the oxygen is administered. Do they use an oxygenated booster cream or mask?

Skin Care By Elias uses pressurized 95% pure oxygen infusion and hyperbaric oxygen.

Elias offer real oxygen facials. Pressurized pure Oxygen infusion of serums and hyperbaric oxygen for healing in addition to LED Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) rejuvenation.

Is it only for the face?

No. The deep cleansing and oxygen treatments can be used anywhere on the body in combination with a back or body scrub. This is a skin treatment, not just a facial.

Plan for a couple hours. After your Skin Care By Elias signature facial (or body scrub) and a deep pore cleansing using our Hydra Vortex deep cleansing system, skin resurfacing and exfoliation with Micro-Dermabrasion or our HydraPeel,  you can pamper your skin with oxygen infused serums and then relax under a hyperbaric oxygen mask, listening to music of your choice and bathing in healing LED light. Sound nice?

Serums are chosen to fit your skin’s needs but can include different anti-aging components like vitamins, antioxidants, nutrient extracts, minerals, moisturizers and botanicals which are also emitted along with the oxygen.

The different serums chosen by Elias can provide immediate hydration, lifting, and tightening to reverse the signs of aging. Serums can also brighten dull or uneven skin tone, or can help fight off acne prone skin.

How Often?

For best results, Oxygen Facials should be performed in a series, weekly for several weeks and then monthly maintenance treatments. In some cases, daily treatments may be recommended to start. Elias will suggest a treatment regimen that is best suited to your skin needs. Oxygen Facials are a total skin care philosophy based on the concept that skin hydration is critical for vital, healthy looking skin.

Problem Skin?

If you want to improve the appearance of premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. If you have blemishes or uneven skin tone. If you have acne, oily or combination skin, clogged and enlarged pores, and daily build up.

You want an Oxygen Facial from Skin Care By Elias. It’s great to do before an important event! So join the A-list celebrities and treat your skin to an Oxygen Facial.

Call and schedule your appointment to start the process of reversing the signs of aging and turning back the clock on your skin with the Oxygen Facial!

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