Skin Peels

Elias is extremely proficient at many types of skin peels, whether PCA, Jessner, Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic and more.

Elias is PCA Skin Master Certified.

Peels are not always the first route to fixing a skin condition though and a full skin analysis would be required before we would ever suggest one.

There are many routes to restoring balance to the skin that may be easier on the skin.

Elias graduated top of his class and specializes in various types of facial treatments, incorporating the latest cutting edge equipment, modalities and techniques such as Micro-dermabrasion, High Frequency, and Galvanic disincrustation for mature to sensitive skin.

Elias is well versed in all skin types and skin conditions. His approach to skin care targets men’s skin specifically.

Elias’ passion is helping men of all ages look their best. You may have had facials before, but never anything like this.

As a male Esthetician, Elias caters to the Gay and Lesbian market, being a gay business owner himself. Elias strives to provide a completely professional service, in a secure and comfortable atmosphere for the gay community, where allcustomers can be comfortable being themselves.

Elias offers Facials and Skin Care ServicesMicro-DermabrasionDeep Back CleansingFull Body Waxing, including Brazilian for men.  Waxing Services also include Brow, Ears, and Nose Waxing.  Back Waxing, Shoulders, Chest and Stomach, Full Legs and Butt.

Elias offers a private boutique-like location with discrete entrances. and his facials, waxing and deep back cleansings will rival any of the large day spas. For high-profile clients, your privacy is guaranteed.